Biodegradeable Compatible Coffee Capsules Release Soon

ONWIN/C&M will develop compatible capsules based on green PBS that can be used by the packaging and the food industry. It will respond to the increasing consumers concern on environmental issues and answer their demand for safe food products. Polybutylene succinate (PBS) is expected to become an important source of bio-based material for food packaging.. read more →

CM16 Dolce Gusto Compatible Capsules Up To 50 Gram Coffee

Specially desiged for those who like to drink lungo up to 400ml.  It is also good for share the same capsule with family or friends. In 2 munites you will get 400ml Coffee ready. The CM16 Dolce Gusto Compatible Capsules was speicially designed for our customer from middle east, and now ready for mass production. Shenzhen.. read more →

CM11 Series of nespresso Compatible Capsule‘s IML Barrier® is a newly developed, innovative and customizable and oxygen barrier capsule compatible with the Nespresso® * system.

CM11 Series of nespresso Compatible Capsule‘s IML Barrier® is a newly developed, innovative and  customizable and oxygen barrier capsule compatible with the Nespresso® * system. What is injection moulding? The injection moulding process is based on injecting material into a mould. The technique is most commonly performed with thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers. During the injection moulding.. read more →

CM03 Aluminum Nespresso Compatible Capsules Coming

After years hard working with our engineer ,  C&M succeed in trail mass production of  Aluminum Nespresso Comapatible Capsules.   read more →

Foils for Nespresso Brewers- self adhesive aluminum lid for refilling nespresso capsules

We have newly designed color box for our C&M FOIL LIDS. *Aluminum foils lids for all coffee capsules compatible nespresso® *Food grade materials ,AL/HSL *Usage: coffee capsule compatible nespresso® *Diameter: 37mm *Food safe with SGS certification read more →

France: Nespresso Offers Commitments To The French Competition Authority In Coffee-Capsule Probe

On 17 April 2014, the French Competition Authority (FCA) announced that Nespresso has offered commitments to end an investigation into allegedly abusive and exclusive practices that had the effect of foreclosing competing manufacturers of coffee capsules from Nespresso’s coffee machines. In France, 73% of the capsule-coffee machines were sold by Nespresso and 85% of the.. read more →

Nespresso changed blades on some of PIXIE/U/INISSIA which produced after July, 2013

Nespresso introduced new blades into the PIXIE, U and INISSIA machines as part of our continuous improvement process in order to optimize the piercing of our own capsules to ensure perfect extraction of the coffee. The changes were introduced with effect from July 2013.     read more →