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CMF02-20 CM Filler- Manual Coffee Capsule Filling Tools


1, Fill 20 pcs empty capsule the same time. Filling Up to 500 pcs/hour;

2, Best way to control the weight of coffee in each capsule;


Packing :

Size :27*22*6 cm

G.W. : 1.5KG



How to use the filling tool ?

  1. Put the capsules into holes of pedestal, cover mid-plate.
  2. Pour the coffee on the mid-plate , use the tamper plate to push the coffee full into the holes , clean the rest coffee then .
  3. Use the tamper plate to press 10 capsules one time , make sure the same capacity . Then , take off the tamper plate .
  4. Sealed capsules with foil lid one by one .


Did the tastes of coffee is constant ?

Of course , the capacity of one capsule about 4.8-5.5g , filling tool can ensure that the error about within 0.3g of the accuracy .


What is the spoon/capsule holder for?

 It is used to fill coffee & help the capsule free to fill up the coffee .

With spoon you can fill 50 Capsules just in 10 minutes.


Who design the filling tool ?

C&M Team is the first company to design this exclusive tool. We use the environmentally friendly Acrylic material.


Can I clean the tool ?

Yes , you can clean with water and let it dry .


How should I store this tool ?

You can keep it in their original box or in a container of your choice. They should always – as stated on the pack – be kept in a cool, dry place without direct exposure to heat or sunshine.