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New Design C&M Capsule CM02-1235C–100% Compatible Nespresso


1.New design, have 3 teeths in the bottom , 100% compatible for the new needles of Nespresso machine after July,2013 (example: “U” and “Inissia “)

2.Large capacity : can fill coffee 5.5g-6g , don’t care the coffee grind .

3.Keeping coffee fresh best in short time, haven’t powder leakage , better than which have holes in the bottom .

4.Food Safe Our Capsules are made of Polypropylene, food safe plastic, BPA Free, and the aluminium lids are suitable for contact with food.

Packing :

Model NO.: CM02
Color: 1235C

Size: D=37*29mm Nespresso compatible
MOQ: 50000
Packing Details
5000 pcs/CTN
G.W.: 12 kg
N.W.:11 kg
MENS: 50x50x31 CM

CM Capsule Compatible With

  •  Newest Design, and keep coffee fresh without external package
  •  Best capacibility, compatible with all nespresso machine including machines with new blade #749
  •  High quality and FDA certificated;
  •  Multi-color available,


How long does it take to prepare an empty capsule?

About the time it takes your Nespresso® machine to warm up – 10 to 15 seconds.

It is fast and simple:

fill the empty capsule with freshly ground espresso coffee, tamp lightly

apply the auto-adhesive foil.

Can I use the C&M coffee capsules more than once?

Yes , we also provide the lids to seal capsule, you can clean the capsule first , and fill your own coffee sealed use our foil lids .

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