FAQs – CM Capsule Compatible Nespresso

Q: Why Choose CAPSUL Empty Capsule?
>100% Compatibility Our capsules are compatible with all Nespresso® machines, including Krups, Magimix, Miele, Delonghi, Essenza, Citiz, Cub, Siemens , Pixie and also the latest Nepresso® U Nespresso® machine.
>Easy To Use Simple 2 steps and you can “make” your own coffee capsule with our Auto-Adhesive aluminum lids.
>Keeping Coffee Fresh With Our innovative design capsules that no holes in the bottom, keeping your coffee fresh.
>Food Safe Our Capsules are made of Polypropylene, food safe plastic, BPA Free, and the aluminium lids are suitable for contacting with food.

Q: Can I Use CAPSUL Lids On Other Compatible Nespresso® Capsule?
A:Definitely You Can. Our CAPSUL Aluminium Lid not only working for CAPSUL Empty capsule, but also working with almost all the compatible capsules for Nespresso® Mathine. It is confirmed that the following Compatible capsules are reusable with our CAPSUL Aluminium Lid: Original Nepresso® Capsule, LOR espresso Capsule Compatible Nepresso®, IMPRESSO capsules compatible Nespresso®….

Q: Is CAPSUL Associated With Nespresso®?
A: NO. CAPSUL is not associated with Nestle or Nespresso®. Nespresso® is a registered trade mark owned by Société Des Produits Nestlé S.A. CAPSUL do not connected or associated in any way to Nestlé or Nespresso® S.A.

Q: What machines will the CM Capsules work in?
A: These refillable CM Capsules can be used with compatible Nespresso ® Machines: Essenza, Citiz, Pixie, and Lattissima and other Nespresso® Machine before Jan. 2014. Note: This product will not work with Dolce Gusto ® vBrewers, Tassimo ® Brewers, Keurig ® Brewers, or any other brand.

Q: How do you use CM Capsule?
A: Very simply: 1.) Fill CM Capsule with coffee or tea, 2.) Apply CM Lid.

Q: How many times can the capsule be reused?
A: It Was Designed to be used once. But if you buy extral CM Lids, you can use a CM capsule more than 20 times.

Q: What is CM Capsule made out of?
A: CM Capsules are made of Polypropylene, food safe plastic, BPA Free, and the aluminium CM Lids are suitable for contacting with food.

Q: What is the spoon for?
A: It is used to fill coffee. With spoon you can fill 50 Capsules just in 10 minutes.

Q: What coffee grind should I use?
A: The grind MUST be an espresso grind. If you try and use regular coffee in the capsule it will come out weak, and it may cause a failure that no coffee come out.

Q: How long time can I keep the coffee capsule?
A: CM capsule without any hole in the bottom, and it can keep coffee fresh for more than 1 week.

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