CM11 IML Barrier® Oxygen Barrier Nespresso Comaptible

CM11 Series of nespresso Compatible Capsule

CM11 Series of nespresso Compatible Capsule’s IML Barrier® is a newly developed, innovative and  customizable and oxygen barrier capsule compatible with the Nespresso® * system.


  • Full compatible
  • Oxygen barrier
  • Food grade Material


  • Exceptionally great and flexible decoration options are at your disposal for representing your brand in a colorful, creative and razor-sharp way directly on your capsule;
  • The visual impact will add uniqueness to your brand and enhance the end-user appeal of your products. And for a perfect result in cup;
  • CM11 Capsules  offers an outstanding oxygen barrier level, protecting and maintaining the organoleptic properties of your fresh coffee during the entire shelf life;


Compatibility Test Videos