CMAF03-2 Automatic Filling System

A Nespresso compatible capsule filling machine is not just a simple machine to fill coffee grind/Tea into empty capsule.  Nespresso brewer system is special, and the right choices are the keys of  successful compatible capsules. And the weight control system is the key for filling system, and that is what our engineer and other euro engineers keep working for. And we did it!

As the first one who study both compatible capsules and coffee/Tea filling system, we know capsule well and we concern all the points when we design the coffee/Tea filling system. A good Nespresso compatible capsule requires the weight torlerance of coffee grind/Tea  less than 0.3g, or the coffee capsule melt down and no coffee out from the coffee maker.

  • Automatic drop capsule system
  • Empty capsule detect system
  • High-precision Weight control system
  • Heat seal lids system
  • Lid detect system
  • Heat seal system
  • Capsule weight detect system
  • Capsule recycling system
  • Nitrogen Flash system



  1. Stable weight control, Weight torlerance control in 0.1 gram;
  2. Small in size, great for starter;
  3. Easy to use and easy to maintain;


  1. Production Speed: 2000 pcs/hour;
  2. Weight torlerance 0.1 gram;
  3. Do not fill coffee/Tea if without capsule;
  4. Do not seal if without heat seal lid;
  5. High-precision Weight control system;
  6. All Touch Screen Control;
  7.  Nitrogen Flush to keep coffee fresh for longer time;


GW: 750 KG
NW: 700 KG