CMF02 Nespresso Capsules Hand Filling Tool

CMF02 Series Nespresso Capsules Hand Filling Tool Was special designed for hand filling coffee/tea for nespresso compatible capsules. Especially when you are using our C&M sticker lids to fill empty capsules or any other refillable capsules. Our Filling Tools can help you a lot.

  • Fill by hand, but you can even fill and seal more than 50 pcs only ten minutes;
  • Easier to control the weight (5-5.5 grams coffee) of each capsule, and make sure all hand filling capsules are working perfect on your nespresso coffee machine;
  • No coffee grind left on the top edge of capsules so you can seal the capsule with C&M Sticker Lids easier and faster;
  • Easy to use and clear, fill enough capsule for you and keep your table clean;



Time Saving Capsule Filling Tool and Smaller in size which is great for home use.


You can Fill 20 pcs capsules the same time which good for when you need more capsules in short time.



Specially designed for who want trial mass production before buy a full automatic filling machine.  Up to 200-300 pcs per hour which is great for new to coffee capsule business partners.

Video Guide

CMF02-20 Fill Tool + C&M Sticker Lids


How many grams coffee can i fill in side ?
It is was designed for our CM Capsules,  and depends on your coffee grind, usually you can fill about 5.3 gram inside.

How fast can i fill capsules with this filling tools ?
After you familiar with it, a C&M Filling Tools can help you finish 50-100 pcs sealed capsule in 10 minutes with CMF02-10.

What is the spoon/capsule holder for?
It is used to fill coffee & help the capsule free to fill up the coffee .
With spoon you can fill 50 Capsules just in 10 minutes.

Who design the filling tool ?
C&M Team is the first company to design this exclusive tools since 2013. We use the environmentally friendly Acrylic material.

Can I clean the tool ?
Yes , you can clean with water and let it dry .

How should I store this tool ?
You can keep it in their original box or in a container of your choice. They should always – as stated on the pack – be kept in a cool, dry place without direct exposure to heat or sunshine.