CML02 Sticker Lids For Nespresso

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If you drink espresso multiple times daily, you want to refill the capsule pod,  C&M sticker lids help you to seal your refill capsule fast.  

*Aluminum foils lids for all coffee capsules compatible nespresso®
*Food grade materials ,AL/HSL
*Usage: coffee capsule compatible nespresso®
*Diameter: 37mm
*Food safe with SGS certification

CML02 Sticker Lids For Nespresso Refillable Capsules

C&M Sticker lids can used for any Nespresso capsules and Nespresso compatible capsules.


How To Use

Refill Nespresso compatible capsule with our sticker lids is really easy just like you see the picture



Video Guide


Q: How many times can the Foil be reused?
A: Just once. You will need to use a new one each time.

Q: What is the foil made out of?
A: My-Cap foil is made of aluminum and a high temperature adhesive.

Q: What about BPA?
A: Our products are BPA free. All of our products use an FDA approved material.

Q: What coffee grind should I use?
A: Make sure you are using a good coffee, preferably something with a bold strong taste. The grind MUST be an espresso grind. If you try and use regular coffee in the capsule it will come out weak.



We will make OEM brand for our sticker lids based on MOQ 1,000,000pcs.