Custom Refillable Capsules

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Millions of coffee lovers own different capsule coffee machines, limited by high price and limited coffee taste that few branded coffee capsule company provided.  They looking for fresh roasted coffee at much lower price. YES, C&M provide you the possibility to enjoy your favor coffee.

Why we need custom refillable Nespresso capsules

 Saving cost
Save cost up to 70% to the original Nespresso capsules! No need to buy expensive Nespresso capsules.
Choice of freedom
Brew all kind of coffee of your choice not only Nespresso ’s blends. With the refillable capsule brew coffee, tea or other hot drinks!
Practical usage
Thanks to the good design and the effective filters you can make quickly and easily coffee without dirt.
Ecological and Recyclable
The refillable capsules are made from polypropylene which is high quality and heat resisting. BPA free and 100% recyclable.
Never run out of your favourite coffee. You can buy your favourite coffee from local stores.
Our Nespresso compatible capsules come with specially design barrier which make sure it compatible with all Nespresso® machines, including Krups, Magimix, Miele, Delonghi, Essenza, Citiz, Cub, Siemens , Pixie, U, and also the latest Nepresso® Inissia machine.



Should I pack my coffee into the refillable capsule really tightly?

NO! we recommend you pack your coffee grounds into the refillable capsule firmly, and not too tight or too loose. Too tightly will reduce the effectiveness of the water flow trough your coffee grounds. Packing either too tight or too loose will produce weak coffee. We also recommend some experimentation in order to produce your own optimal desired coffee.

What grind of coffee should I use in my refillable capsule, and how do I get strong coffee result?

We recommend using a medium (espresso) grind for optimal results, although the type of grind you use is really a very personal one and we recommend some experimentation in order to produce your own optimal desired coffee. For stronger coffee, we recommend using more than one pod until you reach your ideal strength, maybe even interrupting the flow after the initial strongest part has poured trough, in order to insert the second capsule. Repeat if necessary to desired strength. Do not use the same capsule consecutively, as the consistent heat can soften the plastic.

How do I wash my refillable capsule?

Take the broken sticker lids off and then rinse the capsule.

Can I use tea or chocolate in my refillable capsule?

YES! This is what makes the refillable capsule so versatile! Imagine being able to use your own herbal tea blend, or delicious creamy hot.

Video Guide

1, CM02 Refillable Nespresso Compatible Capsule VS PIXIE

2, CM02 Refillable Nespresso Compatible Capsule VS WACACO MINIPRESSO NS