Quality Assurance

By implementing stringent quality assurance processes in our QS-certified facility, and partnering with the likes of Schubert, Opem and Brambati, we believe we can produce a Nespresso compatible capsule solution that is unrivalled by other local manufacturers.

  • We roast all our coffee at the same facility where our Nespresso compatible capsules are produced

  • We procure the finest quality green coffee specific for Nespresso compatible capsule production

  • Using our Brambati roasters we can ensure we roast the coffee to a certain level to attain the best flavours for the coffee origins used in the Nespresso compatible capsule

  • We use water-cooled roller mills to grind the coffee dependent on roast level. These water-cooled roller mills, capable of producing 1000kg of ground coffee an hour, ensures we can produce coffee grind at a consistent temperature.

  • Ground coffee is stored in nitrogen flushed silos to ensure optimum freshness

  • The coffee is then transferred to our Opem Nespresso capsule filling machines where it is volumetrically weighed and filled, to each customer’s specific requirements.

  • Each Nespresso capsule is nitrogen flushed, showing very low residual oxygen levels, giving optimum freshness.

  • The Nespresso compatible capsules are then transferred to our Schubert capsule packaging machine where they are boxed in boxes of ten and then put into a retail, shelf-ready carton of 6 boxes.

  • Testing at each production phase is conducted throughout the day to ensure parameters are on track. After the coffee is packaged it’s sent out to its destination in less than two weeks.

  • Our capsules are locally filled and packaged, this ensures optimum freshness as there are less ‘food miles’.