If you are interested in becoming an CM Capsule reseller or distributor please contact us. We would love to hear from you with your details.

The benefits and advantages of exclusive agent:

1, exclusive in agent area with rights of setting up branches and unique CM coffee capsules sale

2, Develop sub-agents in agent area, but can not charge agency fees, the initial fee and goods deposit, Sell CM coffee capsules according to the uniform price.

3 Manage all distributors and sub-anget in agent area

4, Purchase products at exclusive anger price policy.


If you want to be C&M Authorized dealers:

1, Have legally registered company

2, Accept, know and familiar with C&M products

3, Achieve the minimum sales quantity in a certain prescribed period

4, Require certain capital and market development ability. Have experience in coffee industry more than 5 years with a good reputation

5,Have good terminal penetration ability. Can do a better solution for distribution and after-sale customer service.

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