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Shenzhen Onwin Enterprise Limited is one of the first manufacturers to develop and produce Nespresso compatible capsules and automatic filling machines in China, with foundation in 2011. Onwin has been launching Nespresso/ Dolce Gusto/ K-Cup compatible capsules and high-precision filling production lines since its establishment.

Up till now, our company has achieved capacity of 300,000pcs coffee capsules per day and 12000pcs per hour in automatic filling production line. With SC certification approved, Onwin takes a key step into "capsule beverage incubation base" officially. We provide a complete solution from capsules R&D, flavor research to mass production which greatly shorten your period from R&D to release, making sure that you enter into capsule beverage field with no risk.

Our Product

Coffee capsule, Coffee capsule filling and sealing machine, Coffee capsule production



  • 2007 Founded in Hong Kong -OWAY INDUSTRIAL CO., LIMITED

  • 2009 First generation Nepsresso compatible was designed and manufactured

  • 2011 ShenZhen Branch was founded- SHENZHEN ONWIN ENTERPRISE LIMITED

  • 2013 C&M COFFEE LIMITED was founded in hongkong specially for coffee capsules

  • 2013 First generation Nepresso compatible capsules CM01 released

  • 2014 Second generation Nepsreso compatible capsules CM02 released

  • 2015 Semi automatic sealing machine released

  • 2016 Full automatic nespresso compatible capsule filling machine released

  • 2016 Aluminum Nespresso compatible capsule

  • 2016 Dolce Gusto Compatible capsule and full automatic machines

  • 2016 Biodegradable Nespresso comaptible capsules released in June

  • 2016 Dolce Gusto compatible capsules released in July

  • 2017 CMAF13-1 Dolce Gusto Compatible capsules automatic filling system released

  • 2017 CMAF08-3 Auto matic heat seal machine for base filter of Dolce Gusto Compatible capsules;

  • 2018 CMAF20-1 Auto matic heat seal machine for base filter of Dolce Gusto Compatible capsules, 2000-8000pcs/hour;

  • 2018 Create a dust-free workshop, OEM / ODM Service

  • 2019 CMAF20-2 Multi-Capsules Filling System Released

  • 2019 CM21 Nespresso Compatible Capsules with PP/ PBT/ PLA Material Released

  • 2020 CMAF08-6 high speed docle gusto compatible base sealing machine related

  • 2021 CMAF13-2 Line type high speed  aluminum nespresso compatible capsule filling machine released

  • 2021 CMAF12-NP01 Nespresso Pro coffee pods prodcution line Released

  • 2021 CMVD Dolce gusto compatible coffee capsule automamatic vending machine Released

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