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CM13 Seria PP Empty Dolce Gusto Compatible Capsules


  • Creative work-presure-controable Base filter seal technology;

  • Compatible for most dolce gusto compatible coffee maker;

  • Most Eco material for saving cost;

  • Food grade with CE/FDA/BPA FREE certifications;

  • OEM color and design available;

  • Work with most current nespresso compatible capsules filling machines from CHINA ONWIN, SWISS, GERMANY, ITALY and more;

  • Base filter changable according to working presure required differ from 5-13 bar;


Innovation: CM13 dolce gusto compatible capsules, designed for different multi drink use including espresso coffee, america coffee, milk, soup, leaf tea, powder tea, herbs and all different material.

To match the work pressure of different material, we use different base filter technology so to make sure all drinks made by dolce gusto capsules behave more professinal. We set the espresso capsule work pressure to 9-13 bar which is more close to a pressinal coffee maker; We set the work pressure for milk capsule to 5 bar, so the milk with enough thick foam. We set the work pressure of powder tea and leaf tea to 9 bar so that for commercial use. In the past 5 years we and our customers tested more than 100 different material and drinks with our dolce gusto compatible capsules, it is hard but we can always find a better solution.




4.5 g




35ml (11g for espresso coffee grind, or 20g of milk powder)


PP capsule with multi base filter seal

​Compatible Cofee Maker Brands:

​Nespresso/Delonghi/KRUPS/SIEMENS/DUALIT/SINO and other nespresso compatible coffee makers

Capsule type:

Hard Capsule make by injestion, base filter pre-sealed

​Lid Type:

Both pre-cut or Roll lids(Plastic film, aluminum, complex filter, paper filter) that for heat seal use

​Material Compatible:

​Coffee, Milk, Soup, Leaf Tea, Powder tea, Soluble Drinks, Herbs and more

Seal Temprature:

160-270 degrees, 1.2-0.5 seconds

MOQ OEM Color:

300K pcs/color

Supply Ability:



51x38x41cm 4000pcs/ctn 18kg




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