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CMAF13S-2 Seria Line type Compatible Capsule Filling and Sealing Machine 5000pcs/hour

Updated: Mar 9, 2022


  • Multi coffee capsule compatible;

  • Plastic NESPRESSO compatible capsuels, Aluminum Nespresso compatible capsules, Lavazza blue compatible capsules, K-CUP compatible capsules, Lazazza mio compatible capsules;

  • Parts changeable

  • Weight tolerance ±0.2 g;

  • Modular design,easy to daily maintenance;

  • Food grade 316 stainless steel for all food contact parts;

  • Up to 5000 pcs per hour;


This machine is a fully-automatic coffee capsule filling and sealing machine. It can produce almost all compatible capsules. Production machines for such as Keurig k cup, Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Lavazza, etc. This machine is the highest speed model with highest level of quality in China now. Supported by our company’s sophisticated design team, this is machine has most advanced technology and leading-edge performance, with many unique patents. It is appreciated by all customers from China and world widely.




Straight Line Type

​Fill Weight Accuracy:

+- 0.2g

​Compatible Capsule:

​Nespresso/LAVAZZA BLUE/LAVAZA MIO/K-KUP and other OEM/ODM capsules

Filling Type:

Screw Type

​Lid Type:

Roll lids(Plastic film, aluminum, complex filter, paper filter)

​Material Compatible:

​Coffee, Milk, Leaf Tea, Powder tea, Soluble Drinks, Herbs, Soup and other mixed powder

​Fill Weight Range:

0-30 g

Power Supply:

AC 200-240V 4500W AC 380V Optional

Compress Air:

​>200 L/Munite


Filling machine:3000 X 110X 185CM / GW: 1000KG

Filling Head:

2 head

Filling Speed:

up to 5000 PCS/hour





Working process:

  • Automatic empty capsule feeding system optinal;

  • None capsule detect system;

  • Precisely filling system;

  • 1# Heat seal roll lids system;

  • 2# Heat seal system;

  • Ejest capsule system;

  • Nitrogen Flash system;

  • Automatic Coffee feeding system;


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